Doors, Shutters and Furniture Spraypainting

Repainting your doors at home can be a time / space consuming project

  • We can prep and paint and store all your doors in our factory leaving you room to get on with other renovations.
  • We have several types of products for all interior & exterior doors.
  • Send your doors in for a new look and have the job done right.

We can respray new and old furniture pieces

Great to fresh up and re use furniture as well as touch up your favourite. We can arrange a pick up and delivery service, with a range of colours and gloss levels (even colour matching) its a cheaper way than to throw out and buy new.

We can respray new and old shutters

Freshen up your windows and doors with a colour change or repaint!

To transform your doors, furniture or other items into smart, high-quality spraypainted surfaces that will last, phone or email us today to arrange a quote: 09 625 8776, or complete the quote form to the left.

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