Benchtop Re-surfacing

With our benchtops there are 2x ways of completing the desired finish: onsite spraying this we mask up the benchtop so the surrounding area in your home will not get damaged.

This can take 1-3 days max onsite to sand prep and paint after 24 hours of spraying the top coat your benchtop can be used. Our product is non toxic and you and your family and pets can be in the home while in the process.
We can also (in some cases) dismantle the benchtop and bring into the factory. This can be cheaper, ask our salesman.

With our benchtops:

  • When in the sanding stage we can repair all chips and scratches and sun damaged areas
  • Our product has a sun block in it for protections against the sun over time.
  • The product is hard wearing & long lasting with a great finish
  • Best of all it is a cost and time efficient way to make your kitchen or bathroom new again

To transform your benchtop into a smart, high-quality spraypainted surface that will last, phone or email us today to arrange a quote: 09 625 8776,, or complete the quote form to the left.

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